Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting to Blog!

My first blog!! Have heard people some very good blogs written by my friends, but am not so tech savvy as to pen down my feelings on my laptop. Still prefer that pen and pad where I can scribble in when I want to.

I was a Diary writer in my school and college days, though not very regular but yes it was a good place where I could vent my emotions and put down stuff which I would rarely discuss with anyone. I pour over my "secrets" and guarded the diary with my life! I loved to write, be it my diary, some imaginative story or maybe letters to my friends as they were spread out in various places in India. Sometimes I wonder those blue coloured inland letters and postcards are they still around.... do people really write on them? Or maybe they are history for most of us now.

I thought it will be great to start writing after so many years. Anything and everything that I want to share will be here. Writing diary seems to be the era gone by, so getting up to date with technology! Things are so topsy turvy with my daughter around that my laptop seems to be the best place to write rather than paper. (You will understand if you have a 8 months old around you all the time and there is nothing more satisfying for her than to sit and tear newspaper or any paper that she gets her hands on)

With my Diary I was very honest.... I wish I can do the same justice to my blog. It is definitely difficult to vent out honestly what you feel about yourself and the world around you. Those carefree days of school and college are life demands so much more. So cheers to me as I start writing my blog, getting time to reflect and write is a luxury for me these days.....wish me luck as I embark on my journey to self expression!

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  1. All the very best .....will wait for your blogs...i am really a blog reader... :-)--Poulami