Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oye Ritisha!

Snowing, late night and my hubby and baby both sleeping like angel.... I have all the time in the world now :) I so much love and wait for this time of the day when am on my own, silence often disturbed by D's snore.

Ritisha completes her 8 months tomorrow, so cannot stop thinking about the months gone by. Still remember the June morning when suddenly my water broke and I knew it was time to welcome my baby in the world. When I held her in my arms for the first time, I immediately knew all the pain and suffering was totally worth. I was grateful to God that she was a happy healthy baby trying to figure out where she had landed. The last eight months of my life has totally revolved around Ritisha. My bundle of joy grew by the day....learnt to smile, then laugh, then those funny noises that she made, now babbling and screaming,singing, crawling and exploring the world round her. How much she has grown from the tiny little fairy that she was.

But yes there were moments when I thought my head would explode if she cried one more time. At times I felt I am drowning, how long could I go on without sleep and rest. I too cried that this was getting an enormous task for me..... maybe I am not meant to be that perfect mother. There are days when I absolutely loose my mind. D would step in when he would see that I am on the verge of tumbling down.... then I realise Ritisha is so lucky to have him as dad. To be a good parent one needs patience specially when you are handling a baby.... that is what D has which makes him such a great dad. But however hard my day may be, when Ritisha gives that toothy smile and looks at me, I melt, nothing can be more heavenly and beautiful than that. I feel truly content and blessed.

Motherhood has taught me so many things in life. My outlook towards life has changed.... there is so much more to learn with each passing day. I would always put myself before anything else, my interest mattered the most to me. But now all has changed, its all about Ritisha.... she is the numero uno! Its a long journey ahead and am sure motherhood will be teaching me many more life's lessons.

Here's wishing my baby a very happy eight months birthday!!

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  1. Happy 8th month Rishita....u two r a grt.couple & now making a grt.parent effortlessly....a good mother who shares her unconditional love for her child...
    u r just superb in your blog....may b i can relate myself with all u have writen....
    waiting for your next blog :-)