Monday, February 8, 2010

Balle on Valentine Day :)

Come February and love is in the air!! Do I need to say any more? I admired those lovely cards on the racks of the Archies shop and not to mention those breath taking red roses. I could spend hours in any gift shop looking around all the lovey dovey knick knacks .... just one thought always crossed my mind .... why pick up one day to celebrate love? 365 days should be a celebration of love, I would like my man to pamper me everyday and if he does it once in every 365 days, I shall not feel great about it. So I never ever bought anything special for V day.

Suddenly you are out on the streets that day and you see couples everywhere.... chocolates, roses et all. The friends gang that hung around everyday in the coffee shop is not to be seen today... Why? Hey, c'mon today there is no time you see, Cupid is out with his arrow today.

Wah! What happens to those people who are not struck by the arrow? No answer. I felt this was unfair for the single masses. Why single out the singles? So after a lot of debate and deliberations we concluded: friendship stands on love so on this special day I used to hang out with my close buddies. The routine was same for almost every year, Coffee or lunch out (depending on our pockets) and a movie.(Evening n dinner time was free to catch up with your guy!)

It used to be a wonderful day! A great break in the midst of the marathon of studies as exams were always round the corner.... we celebrated as we balanced both worlds and no one could complain. I so thoroughly miss those days.

Most of my buddies were in steady relationships and every V day they would date the same guy and go ga ga of the fact how the dinner went. I mention this because I found it rather funny at that point of time .... don't you girls get bored doing the same stuff? And yes I used to get that look and the unsaid fact 'you gotta be in one to understand, having a steady guy in your life is for the blessed few!' Nah I never agreed I was happy with all the changes that came in every year, that adds more colour. I cherish all the V days that I have celebrated over the years....

This year lets see what is in store ..... I miss my gang of girls .... and as far as the celebration of love goes .... I celebrate that every day of my life.

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  1. my husband believes the same of 365 i don't get any thing on that friends used to keep their valentine gifts to me b4 14th... :P
    i really used to think when i will buy gift for some one...
    Ritu u r just superb in your words...just making me nostalgic as well.....
    now yea dil mange more.......u can b an excellent story write whn.ever u get some time.....waiting for ur next blog....