Monday, March 8, 2010

Of Glitterati night and bird song

March ..... time for spring, academy awards and the international women's day, though not necessarily in that order.

The snow is finally gone, on the verge of saying goodbye to my snow jacket and boots .... feels good after living in them for the last three months. Looking forward to the bright cottons, flowers in bloom, green trees and children once again in the park!! Colourful days are here again....

Ritisha's first spring, plan to take her out to enjoy the birds and the flowers.

Last night watched the 82nd Academy Awards, its a pure delight for me to see the awards live over dinner. To be in Kodak Theatre and watch it with the stars is a dream yet to come true. The shine, glamour and the lovely dresses is something I am awestruck with. A month before the big night, I try and catch up with all the nominations in the best film category. Last year Oscar was memorable as India was quite in focus. This year I believed 'Avatar' would grab most awards .... it is an adorable film in every way. And 'Up in the Air' has such a genuine story line .... so apt in today's economy and George Clooney looked amazingly handsome! One movie which I loved and should have received some accolade for providing wholesome entertainment was 'The Hangover'. A flick which I guess no one would get tired of watching! Coming to Hurt Locker .... its difficult for me to say whether its a feature film or a documentary. I am no film critic, just someone who believes movie should be fun with a message. Hurt Locker made me feel sick, the whole movie was a like a news channel reporting bombardment in Iraq. No story... no acting, nothing to deserve an Oscar. Academy made it so clear that winning Oscar can be so easy ..... just let the subject matter be the war torn Iraq. To separate politics from art is very essential to honour art in its true self. The academy awards were so disappointing.... well am not to sure in the coming years whether I shall look up to the standard of films being awarded the Oscars.

Today being the international women's day .... I don't know whether such a day is required for the women folks. Equality of sexes .... what is so equal if you set aside a day for women.... don't men need a day to celebrate themselves? In the heart of hearts does all the ladies out there belief that equality does exist? Will be good to know their views. First lady director to win Oscar .... is it so important? I guess it should be about the movie and its creator .... but gender has to be highlighted. Ladies every day in the year is your day .....

Clear star lit skies and cool breeze..... Here welcoming Cherry Blossoms!!


  1. Do some google --> Nov 19 is men's day .. Keep up the stories coming .. Take care ,

  2. @ Debz: See there you go .... you need to google men's day, maybe 1% of the global population is aware of it. But women's day is so popular that these days everyone is aware of it.... you even find stores giving women's day sale!! Bottomline ..... men's day is so insignificant.

  3. for the movie "black" starring Mr.Bachan & Rani mukherjee...i thought it would win the oscar...but it could not...i was really stunned whn.Slug dog won the oscar potraying the dark side of India....i don't have much faith in oscar....i totally support ur view....
    yes,every day is a women's we r there for every thing.... :-)
    u r a versatile writer Ritu..keep it up....