Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spices and everything nice

I have been quite busy lately spicing up my life..... collecting recipes and cooking them up. Right now my obsession is with American Chinese food and I guess until I cook up all the popular dishes I am not stopping. In this small city of ours, the good food joints are mostly Chinese and I refuse to eat any Chinese buffet (thats what I have done for the last two years). So these days eating out strictly restricted to American and Italian cuisines. Instead of restaurant my home is the place for me to enjoy our favourite cuisine now, though there are lots of dishes left to be cooked. But I am sure in the next couple of weeks they will be on my dining table!! Am sure D will be smacking his lips after reading this :)

I have been a lover of good food from my childhood days. It was not my Mom's cooking which I loved, it was Motor Jethu's dishes which he cooked up everyday for our lunch and dinner. Even the most simple fish curry would give Sonar Bangla a run for its money!! The man who saw the birth of my father, played with him and looked after his well being and then again did the same thing with me and my cousins cannot really be labelled as just a servant in the house who has served us for his entire life, he was one of us.... a member of the family whose loss I deeply mourn. I have always been a huge lover of macher jhal .... I refused to have lunch without it. I refused to eat it unless Motor Jethu cooked it up. His culinary skills were outstanding.... from exotic dishes to my everyday macher jhal he could do it all. I often told him he should run a restaurant and not waste his talent cooking for us. The world lost a good cook. When I started cooking in my kitchen I would often remember him and I know I can never reach that place where I can tell him that there are some dishes which I can cook better than him!! I did not even get an opportunity to cook up one meal for him.... that makes me utterly sad. I guess I feel guilty too that I could not cook up any thing for the person who cooked me whatever I fancied. But yes one thing I learnt from him: to win anybody's heart you must be a good cook. So true words and my heart can always be won by a good meal!!

As my cooking expedition continues.... I have surprised myself by suddenly starting to do some stitching. I find it pretty relaxing ..... could say I have a hobby now!! The other day when I told my Mom about it .... she believed me but at the same time she was sure that her daughter was slowly becoming a strange being whom she doesn't know! Lets see once I finish stitching up my cat design I have promised her that I will click it and send it to her.

Waiting for summers.... singing ..... looking forward to a nice long road trip to where ever. Just hoping Ritisha takes it well, if she gets grumphy so will I. Lets see what happens. But I badly need a vacation now. Suggest some nice places people. Time flies .... in another two months time my little girl will turn a year old! Now all the time she does Mama and Baba, can never do anything without us. I so much cherish these days, in a few years time life will be more about her friends and schools. Will be missing these days of her crawling,standing and holding my hand ..... great to see her grow!!

Gotta go now, time for bacon cheese egg english muffin for Sunday breakfast!

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  1. i am smacking my lips after reading this :) just waiting eagerly for ur macher jhal....
    u r soo versatile Ritu......concentrate more on ur hobbies.....just waiting for ur another quality to get unfolded...
    lucky to b ur friend...